100% Birdseye Weave Cotton Paperless Towels – 5 pack


Our Paperless Towels are…

Budget-Friendly A new set of Paperless Towels costs $10, and lasts all year. Compare that to the $4/week most Americans spend on paper towels, and it’s a savings of over $150/year.

Shine-Friendly Unlike standard dish or paper towels, Paperless Towels leave a fiber-free, streak-free shine on windows, mirrors, counters, and more.

Eco-Friendly Annually, 110 million trees are cut down for paper towel production, 3,000 tons of which end up in landfills. Made from 100% Birdseye Weave Cotton, these towels are tough on messes and gentle on the planet.

Mess-Friendly Paperless Towels soak up more liquid than your old favorite high-absorbency towel. Whether it’s wiping faces, counters, hands, highchairs, windows, or wine-spills, Paperless Towels can tackle the mess.

Clean conveniently, without all the paper.

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The Paperless Towels come in sets of 5, measuring 9 x 9 inches each. Reuse for multiple uses, wash when needed, and repeat!


100% Birdseye Weave Cotton

Additional Information

To clean your paperless towels, run them in the wash on cold WITHOUT fabric softener.


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